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KaleCare Kurumsal


Kale Care Chemicals Kimyevi Maddeler A.Ş. (Chemical Substances Inc.), which was established in 2022 with 47 years of experience of Kale Kimya and has been the only authorized distributor of the leading companies in the sector in Turkey since 1975, is in service in the field of maintenance chemicals.

Kale Care Chemicals is a company that prioritizes unconditional customer satisfaction with the responsibility and awareness to reach the best in its production areas, aims at continuous development and efficiency, emphasizes employee satisfaction by valuing team spirit, respects the environment, and adheres to ethical principles.

With its new factory and R&D facilities in Gebze, our company, which aims to offer high-quality products with correct pricing, also develops new products. It is our priority to help our customers develop high-value-added products with our technical knowledge and experience by ensuring the continuity of product quality, to ensure that products are available on time and to monitor their performance after sales.